About Us

About Us

Welcome to cybertix

Cybertix is a company that provides technology-based risk management and cybersecurity solutions to businesses all over the world. Cybertix has established itself as a leader and has risen to the top of the list of the country’s leading companies in this field. We are known for:

  • Our high quality and peculiar service
  • Expertise in Cyber Security
  • Fulfilling client-specific demands

High Quality Service

We, Cybertix strive hard to provide our customers with high quality service and to satisfy their demands

Effective Protection

Risk Management and cyber security solutions for all your problems are provided by Cybertix. We offer protection that is effective and reliable

We experience many threats to data information almost every twice a week. Technology has evolved a lot and with this evolving technology, there are many threats that we face almost twice a week. Cyber Security is what you need to avoid any threats. Cybertix helps to provide the solutions to all your cyber problems. We aim to make the world a safer place by altering how boards, workers, and vendors assess, improve, and communicate cyber security risks. We make sure that high quality is maintained. We strive hard to meet every customers’ clients.

We offer a wide range of services to our clients in order to defend them from the numerous cyber-attacks they face daily. In India’s cyber security scenario, there is a significant demand for cyber security to guard against cyber attacks. Through our expert knowledge solution package of cyber security audit & assurance, I.T., managed services, information security, and business technology advisory, we ensure them an all-round shield against data theft, data leaks, hacking, network threat, malicious software, system compromise, frauds, and more